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Omano 15X Eyepieces For Omano OM2300S (Pair)

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SWF15X Eyepieces For OM2300S, includes Eyeguards (Pair)

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  • Omano OMEP 2300S Eyepiece 15X
SWF 15X Eyepieces (Pair) for the Omano OM-2300S microscope body introduced in March 2010. Each pair of eyepieces includes rubber eyeguards. Please note that these eyepieces are NOT DESIGNED for the older Omano OM-2300 microscope body. Click here for OM-2300 eyepieces.
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15X Eyepieces For Omano OM2300S (Pair)
Brand Omano
SKU OMEP-2300S-15X
Short Description SWF15X Eyepieces For OM2300S, includes Eyeguards (Pair)
Warranty Omano Limited Lifetime Warranty
Notes Priced per Pair
Product Weight 4.0000
Feed - Title Omano 15X Eyepieces For OM2300S (Pair)
Feed - Description An upgrade to the old CX-3 microscope camera, the new CX-3-116 sports a larger 11.6" monitor with improved connections and use interface. It is better quality than the old HDMI 1080 in every respect with double the functional resolution, an expansive, 11.6"-inch display and an improved on screen menu system, all at the same price. The TFT-LCD display offers vivid resolution and exceptional off-angle viewing capability and with a standard C-mount, the new camera attaches to any standard trinocular microscope fitted with a C-mount adapter. FeaturesThe CX3 display finally brings a useful sized monitor to the world of industrial inspection, laboratories and schools. At 11.6", the display is a pleasure to use with good on screen controls and a remote control. A standard SD card slot allows you to conveniently transfer image files via SD card for later analysis and file-sharing on your PC. A particularly useful feature is a cross-hair generator that enables up to eight on-screen, cross-hairs in five different color options. Other features include auto white balance, RGB adjustment, auto and manual white balance and auto exposure.LVDS technology offers a number of key benefits to digital microscopy, including richer color definition, better signal integrity, greater bandwidth capacity, encryption protocols and high-definition video. The CX-3 showcases this technology in an affordable and versatile package for the biology classroom, industrial inspection line or clinical teaching laboratory.Microscope The OM2300ST zoom stereo trinocular microscope head has become our de facto, 'Go To' head for our industrial inspection customers. It has a solid design with crisp, clean optics beyond our expectations at this price level. The 7X-45X zoom range (6.4:1) is parfocal with dual diopters integrated into the oculars. Interpupillay adjustment range is 55mm-75mm. Standard working distance is 4.5" which increases to 6.5" with the addition of 0.5x auxiliary Barlow lens. Three alternative Barlows are available: 0.75x, 1.5x and 2.0x. WF10X eyepieces and eyeguards are included. NOTE: When the beam-splitter lever is engaged in the OM2300S-Trincular, 80% of the light from the left optical path is directed to the camera port. The image can still be viewed through both eyepieces while the camera is in use.Focus & IlluminationFocus controls are both left and right hand side for convenience. An 80 LED ring light is included and may be upgraded to other lights when adding to cart.StandThe V7 articulating boom base weighs 57lbs yet folds into a 13 x 13" space when not in use. Well-balanced, stable with smooth, controlled movement, the arm's first link can be removed to achieve even greater stability. The pole stands 21" high and the spring-powered articulating arm has an effective horizontal extension of 35". A 76mm focus block is included. As with most Omano boom stands, a hanging bar is included that enables angled viewing positions. The hanging bar bracket is spring-loaded so that the lever can be moved out of the way without having to release the pre-set position of the microscope head. Also available with a U-clamp for attachment to a bench top. The clamp fits benches up to 2.5" thick.Microscope AccessoriesRing light, focus block, dust cover, manual, eyeguardsCamera AccessoriesAC Power adapter, Remote Control Keypad, Remote Image Capture Controller.Dimensions: Display - 11.0" x 7.0" x 0.5"; Camera - 2.0" x 2.0"; Combined Wt. - 3.0lbs.
Feed - Custom Label 1 <100
Compatible With OM2300S, OM2300ST
Optical Accessory
Eyepiece Magnification 15x