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Rock Specimen Education Kit - Set of 15

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  • Rock Hound Set
  • 5 Igneous Rocks
  • 5 Sedimentary Rocks
  • 5 Metamorphic Rocks

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  • Omano Rock Specimen Education Kit

Ideal for the hobbyist collector, home schooling assignment, scouting project or hobby use, this educational rock collection includes 5 samples from each of the three major rock classifications: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks.

Igneous rocks are called "Fire Rocks", because they are the solid form of what was once molten lava. They make up 95% of the earth's crust and this collection features 5 of the most popular types of igneous rocks including granite, rhyolite, basalt, obsidian and scoria.

Metamorphic rocks began their life as sedimentary or igneous rocks that came under tremendous pressure. This pressure generates a great deal of heat, which causes the rock to literally "morph" or change into a metamorphic rock.  This collection features 5 of the most common types of metamorphic rocks such as slate, quartzite, marble, phyllite and Gneiss.

Sedimentary rocks are formed when plants, soil and animal matter settle to the muddy bottom of inland seas, lakes and oceans. Over millions of years and thousands of tons of pressure, these layers of mud eventually turn into rock. When the seas dry up, the rock becomes exposed to the elements, creating samples like limestone, sandstone, shale and coquina bituminus coal.

Each labeled specimen measures approximately 1" x 1," neatly housed in a divided storage container with an identification sheet. Choking Hazard: Small parts - not for children under 3 years.

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Rock Specimen Education Kit - Set of 15
Short Description
  • Rock Hound Set
  • 5 Igneous Rocks
  • 5 Sedimentary Rocks
  • 5 Metamorphic Rocks
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