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Omano Mechanical Slide Holder

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  • Fits Omano monocular microscopes
  • Precision-machined components
  • Graduated markings for easy reference
  • Smooth 57mm by 32mm of X-Y axis travel
  • Does not fit the OM150 series microscope

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  • Omano Mechanical slide holder

Ergonomic knobs allow for fine-tuning the position of your specimen while graduated measurements along both X/Y axis provide precise location settings for reference. Simply place your slide in position, secure it with the spring retaining arm and enjoy smooth, positive movement along the entire 57mm x 32mm travel in the X-Y axis.

An industrial-grade finish and precision-machined, stainless-steel components ensure years of satisfying performance. Fits the Omano OMTM85, OM118-M3 and OM136 microscopes.

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Mechanical Slide Holder
Brand Omano
Short Description
  • Fits Omano monocular microscopes
  • Precision-machined components
  • Graduated markings for easy reference
  • Smooth 57mm by 32mm of X-Y axis travel
  • Does not fit the OM150 series microscope
Notes Fits OM136C Series, OMTM85 Series. NOTE: Attachment may obstruct free rotation of objective lens turret. Function is not impaired, but please take care that you do not damage the lenses.
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Compatible With OM136C*, OMTM85*