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Omano Coaxial Light Adapter For VIDZ 650

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  • Coaxial light adapter required for coaxial illumination on VIDZ 650 zoom microscope lens

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  • VIDZ 650 Coaxial Light Adapter main
  • VIDZ 650 Coaxial Light Adapter angled
  • VIDZ 650 Coaxial Light Adapter assembly
  • VIDZ 650 Coaxial Light Adapter mounted
  • VIDZ 650 Coaxial Light Adapter Assembled
  • Coaxial light adapter required for coaxial illumination on VIDZ 650 zoom microscope lens
  • Lens not included
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Coaxial Light Adapter For VIDZ 650
Brand Omano
Short Description
  • Coaxial light adapter required for coaxial illumination on VIDZ 650 zoom microscope lens
Feed - Title Omano Coaxial Light Adapter For VIDZ 650
Feed - Description This industrial microscope inspection system combines the vivid, high-speed response of the new 1080PU series HDMI & USB2.0 digital microscope camera with our brand new Omano VIDZ-650 6X-50X zoom inspection lens and your choice of seven different Omano boom stands.The new Optixcam OCS-HDMI-1080PU brings simultaneous HDMI and USB2.0 output to professionals who require high-definition CMOS color microscopy documentation. Like its HDMI-output cousin (NH1080P), the 1080PU is an industrial-designed, stand-alone imaging solution offering 2.0MP still capture to an SD card or USB2.0 output, and 1080p video preview resolution with superb color reproduction and real-time frame rates of 60 fps via HDMI, or 30 fps via USB2.0 or SD card output. FeaturesHDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) technology brings a number of key benefits to digital microscopy, including richer color definition, better signal integrity, greater bandwidth capacity, encryption protocols and high-definition video. The OCS-HDMI-1080PU offers this technology in an affordable and versatile package for the biology classroom, industrial inspection line or clinical teaching laboratory. The camera offers direct streaming to an HDMI monitor without the complexity of computer software, making it an ideal imaging solution for fast-paced industrial environments and assembly line inspection stations.Mounting & ControlsThe OCS-HDMI-1080PU is specifically designed to enhance the Omano line of stereo inspection systems, with a robust metal housing, C/CS Mount and two useful tripod screw attachment points. Improved functionality includes on-screen controls with intuitive, menu-driven buttons for RGB adjustment, White Balance, red and green cross-hair cursor symbology and Auto Exposure. Note: The SK2-CA037X camera adapter will be needed when mounting the NH1080 camera to any microscope with a smooth bore 23mm optical tube. Processing & OutputThe camera has fast white balance correction for excellent color reproduction and a 2.0MP maximum output resolution of 1920 x 1080 in BMP format. With 60 FPS live HDMI response rate, the OCS-HDMI-1080PU quickly reacts to changing lighting conditions in any life science, clinical or material application, sending a sharp video output to an HDMI monitor.For researchers needing in-depth image analysis, the camera also offers traditional USB2.0 output to a pc or mac operating environment for a host of processing options including 2-dimensional measurement, image stitching, extended depth of focus, segmentation, stacking and color composition. A tethered cable enables remote capture of still images to an SD card, sold separately.Microscope Zoom LensThe VIDZ-650 marks a significant step up in quality with truly excellent definition, resolution and flexibility. It is well-suited to industrial inspection applications where higher resolution and clarity are required, but without the expense of a Navitar lens. The lens is entirely configurable with optional objective and Barlow lenses, illumination, cameras, adapters and stands. Each configuration is built round the high quality 6x-50x zoom magnification with 1x objective lens and 1x focusable C/CS Mount. Simply choose your options and then add to cart or call us to discuss further customizations such as apochromatic objective lenses or metallurgical configurations.StandThe Omano V3 pole stand's ergonomic design includes beveled leading edges for operator comfort. It features a tall, 12" vertical pole for extended working distances and a 12" x 12" base with rubber feet to protect your working surface. A safety collar and black/white contrast plate is also included. We also offer a focus block with two different movements, a standard coarse focusing movement, and a coarse / fine focusing movement. IlluminationWe offer our standard array of LED ring lights, a compact 4.5W LED ring light (shown), or two coaxial options: 3W LED spotlight or 150W fiber optic guide and illuminator. To order the 3W coaxial LED Spotlight, select the following...- Coaxial light adapter for VIDZ 650- 3W Coaxial LED Spotlight for VIDZ 650To order the 150W Fiber Optic System, select the following...- Coaxial light adapter for VIDZ 650- Single Fiber Optic Light Guide for VIDZ 650- OMFOB NEW 150W Fiber Optic Light SourceCamera AccessoriesAccessories include USB mouse, HDMI cable, USB2.0 cable, AC power supply, Software CD with manual and SDK. Camera dimensions: 3 x 2.75 X 3.6". dimensions: 10 X 6 X 3", 2 LBs.Microscope AccessoriesAccessories include VIDZ zoom lens, 80LED Ring illuminator, focus block, V3 stand. details: 20 x 13 x 10", 12 Lb.
Feed - Custom Label 1 100-500
Compatible With VIDZ 650
Light Specs
Illumination Type Fiberoptic