Omano CX3-VIDZ-BOOM 6X-50X Zoom Video Inspection System

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  • UPGRADED Larger 11.6-inch TFT-LCD color display
  • Monitor Resolution 2.0MP (1920 X 1080)
  • High resolution 1080p LVDS & SD card output
  • Fast Frame Rate of 60 FPS @ 1280 x 800 resolution
  • Remote and on screen controls
  • Lab quality 6x-50x zoom video inspection lens
  • Standard coarse focus or optional coarse/fine focus (shown)
  • 86mm standard working distance
  • 156mm working distance with 0.5X Barlow Lens
  • Choice of 5 industrial boom stands

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CX-3 1080p LVDS Microscope Camera with 11.6" Display   $799.00
VIDZ 650 Monocular 6x-50x Zoom Microscope Body   $399.00
VIDZ 650 0.5X Barlow Lens, WD = 160mm   $69.00
  • $59.00
  • $59.00
OMHB25 Hanging Bar   $25.00
  • $25.00
  • $109.00
  • $95.00

Included in Bundle

Camera: CX-3 1080p LVDS Microscope Camera with 11.6" Display

Microscope: VIDZ 650 Monocular 6x-50x Zoom Microscope Body

Included 0.5X Barlow Lens: VIDZ 650 0.5X Barlow Lens, WD = 160mm

Hanging Bar: OMHB25 Hanging Bar

Price as configured: $0.00

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  • CX3-VIDZ-BOOM 6X-50X Video Inspection System
  • CX3-VIDZ-BOOM 6X-50X Video Inspection System 2
  • CX3-VIDZ-BOOM 6X-50X Video Inspection System 3
  • CX3-VIDZ-BOOM 6X-50X Video Inspection System 4
  • CX3-VIDZ-BOOM 6X-50X Video Inspection System 5


This industrial microscope inspection system combines the vivid, high-speed response of the OptixCam CX3 1080P LVDS microscope camera with the brand new Omano VIDZ-650 6X-50X zoom microscope and your choice of five different Omano boom stands. The new Optixcam CX3 1080 high-definition CMOS color microscopy camera is a professionally-designed, stand-alone imaging solution offering sharp, 1280 x 800 resolution images or video @ 30Fps in a cost-effective package. The camera offers direct streaming to an HDMI monitor without the complexity of computer software, making it an ideal imaging solution for fast-paced industrial environments and technical training classrooms.


An upgrade to the old CX-2 microscope camera, the new CX-3-116 sports a larger 11.6" monitor with improved connections and user interface. It is better quality than the old HDMI 1080 in every respect with double the functional resolution, an expansive, 11.6"-inch display and an improved on screen menu system, all at the same price. The TFT-LCD display offers vivid resolution and exceptional off-angle viewing capability and with a standard C-mount, the new camera attaches to any standard trinocular microscope fitted with a C-mount adapter.


The CX3 display finally brings a useful sized monitor to the world of industrial inspection, laboratories and schools. At 11.6", the display is a pleasure to use with good on screen controls and a remote control. A standard SD card slot allows you to conveniently transfer image files via SD card for later analysis and file-sharing on your PC. A particularly useful feature is a cross-hair generator that enables up to eight on-screen, cross-hairs in five different color options. Other features include auto white balance, RGB adjustment, auto and manual white balance and auto exposure.

LVDS technology offers a number of key benefits to digital microscopy, including richer color definition, better signal integrity, greater bandwidth capacity, encryption protocols and high-definition video. The CX-3 showcases this technology in an affordable and versatile package for the biology classroom, industrial inspection line or clinical teaching laboratory.

Camera Accessories

AC Power adapter, Remote Control Keypad, Remote Image Capture Controller.

Dimensions: Display - 11.0" x 7.0" x 0.5"; Camera - 2.0" x 2.0"; Wt. 3.0lbs.

Microscope Zoom Lens

The VIDZ-650 marks a significant step up in quality with truly excellent definition, resolution and flexibility. It is well-suited to industrial inspection applications where higher resolution and clarity are required, but without the expense of a Navitar lens. The lens is entirely configurable with optional objective and Barlow lenses, illumination, cameras, adapters and stands. Each configuration is built round the high quality 6x-50x zoom magnification with 1x objective lens and 1x focusable C/CS Mount. Simply choose your options and then add to cart or call us to discuss further customizations such as apochromatic objective lenses or metallurgical configurations.

Stands and Focus Blocks

Choose from five rugged, dependable boom stands, all of which include a 25mm hanging bar. They include the economical single-arm JW11 workhorse; the single-arm V10 with fine horizontal adjustment; the dual-arm V6 with a 25" reach; the articulating arm V7 for 3-D positioning, and the premium dual-arm V15 with roller bearings for effortless, fingertip positioning. We also offer a focus block with two different movements, a standard coarse focusing movement, and a coarse / fine focusing movement. PLEASE NOTE that when ordering the JW11 stand option, you will also need the hanging bar bracket adapter.


We offer our standard array of LED ring lights, a compact 4.5W LED ring light (shown), or two coaxial options: 3W LED spotlight or 150W fiber optic guide and illuminator.

To order the 3W coaxial LED Spotlight, select the following...

  • - Coaxial light adapter for VIDZ 650
  • - 3W Coaxial LED Spotlight for VIDZ 650

To order the 150W Fiber Optic System, select the following...

  • - Coaxial light adapter for VIDZ 650
  • - Single Fiber Optic Light Guide for VIDZ 650
  • - OMFOB NEW 150W Fiber Optic Light Source


  • CX-3 1080p LVDS Microscope Camera with 11.6" Display
    Brand OptixCam
    SKU OCS-CX3-HDMI-116
    Warranty 1 Year
    Product Weight 2.7
    Product Length 10
    Product Width 7
    Product Height 4
    Product Display
    New Yes
    Sensor Type CMOS
    Sensor Size 1/3 Inch
    Sensor Details CMOS
    Color/Monochrome Color
    Scan Mode Progressive
    Shutter Electronic, Rolling Shutter
    Camera Mount C-Mount
    FPS @ Max Res 60fps @ 1280 X 800
    Camera Interface LCD Display, SD Card, HDMI
    White Balance Automatic, Manual
    Driver API Compatibility DirectX
    Power Source External Power Supply
    File Formats BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
    Exposure Control Automatic, Manual
    Supported Operating Systems N/A
    System Requirements N/A
    Certifications CE
    Software Support 6 Months
    Imaging Compatibility (with adapters) 23mm , C-Mount

  • VIDZ 650 Monocular 6x-50x Zoom Microscope Body
    Brand Omano
    SKU OM-VIDZ-650
    Magnification Chart VIDZ 650 Magnification Chart
    Staff Pick Yes
    Head Type Monocular
    Magnification Type Zoom
    Minimum Objective (X) 6x
    Maximum Objective (X) 50x
    Zoom Ratio 1:8.3
    Zoom Control Type Smooth Continuous
    Zoom Indicator Graduations Yes
    Parfocal Yes
    Included Barlow (X) 0.5X
    Min Standard Mag 6x
    Max Standard Mag 50x
    Available Barlow Lenses 0.3X, 0.5X, 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X
    Body Material All-Metal
    Imaging Compatibility (with adapters) C-Mount
    Available Imaging Mounts 0.3X C-Mount, 0.4X C-Mount, 0.5X C-Mount, 0.7X C-Mount, 1.0X C-Mount
    Max Working Distance (standard) 86mm
    WD with 0.5x Barlow 160mm
    WD with 1.5x Barlow 50mm
    WD with 2.0x Barlow 39mm

  • VIDZ 650 0.5X Barlow Lens, WD = 160mm
    Brand Omano
    SKU OM-VIDZ-650-BL05
    Compatible With VIDZ 650
    Optical Accessory
    Barlow Lens Power 0.5X

  • VIDZ 650 0.3X Barlow Lens, WD = 270mm

    VIDZ 650 2.0X Barlow Lens, WD = 39mm
    Brand OmanoOmano
    SKU OM-VIDZ-650-BL03OM-VIDZ-650-BL20
    Backorder ETA Dec 30, 2015 
    Compatible With VIDZ 650VIDZ 650
    Optical Accessory
    Barlow Lens Power 0.5X0.5X

  • V10 Boom Stand

    JW11 Boom Stand (Requires Hanging Bar Bracket)

    V6 Boom Stand

    V7 Articulating Boom Stand

    V7U U-Clamp Articulating Boom Stand

    V15 Boom Stand

    V15U U-Clamp Boom Stand
    Brand OmanoOmanoOmanoOmanoOmanoOmanoOmano
    SKU V10JW11V6V7V7UV15V15U
    Warranty  Omano Limited Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Limited WarrantyLifetime Limited Warranty  
    Backorder ETA  Feb 28, 2018  
    Stand Class BoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoomBoom
    Stand Type Single Arm BoomSingle Arm BoomDual Arm BoomArticulated BoomArticulated BoomDual Arm BoomDual Arm Boom
    Stand Features  SolidBall-Bearing Glide, Counter-weighted, Large Base PlateArticulatedArticulatedBall-Bearing Glide, Counter-weighted, Heavy Duty, Large Base PlateBall-Bearing Glide, Counter-weighted, Tabletop U-Clamp
    Base Width 254 mm254 mm330 mm330 mm330 mm254 mm254 mm
    Base Depth 254 mm254 mm330 mm330 mm330 mm254 mm254 mm
    Post Height 464 mm355 mm464 mm464 mm464 mm464 mm464 mm
    Post Diameter 38 mm38 mm38 mm38 mm38 mm38 mm38 mm
    View Center to Post Distance 527 mm432 mm495 mm673 mm673 mm514 mm514 mm
    Physical Construction Metal TubeSolid MetalSolid MetalSolid MetalSolid MetalSolid MetalSolid Metal
    Coating Type (Stand) Durable PowdercoatDurable PowdercoatDurable PowdercoatDurable PowdercoatDurable PowdercoatDurable PowdercoatDurable Powdercoat
    If HB Required
    Requires Separate Hanging Bar?  YesYesYesYesYes
    Hanging Bar Style ArticulableFixedArticulableArticulableArticulableArticulableArticulable
    If FB Mounts Direct
    Focus Block Mount Diameter  5/8in Pin 5/8in Pin5/8in Pin  
    If FB Integrated
    Focus Controls  Coarse     
    Focus Mechanism  Rack & Pinion     
    Head Ring Mount Diameter  76 mm     

  • VIDZ 650 Standard Focus Block

    VIDZ 650 Coarse/Fine Focus Block
    Brand OmanoOmano
    SKU OM-VIDZ-650-FB11OM-VIDZ-650-FB10
    Compatible With VIDZ 650 zoom bodyVIDZ 650 zoom body

  • OMHB25 Hanging Bar
    Brand Omano
    SKU OMHB25
    If HB Required
    Hanging Bar Style Articulable
    If FB Mounts Direct
    Focus Block Mount Diameter 25 mm

  • OMHBB Hanging Bar Bracket
    Brand Omano

  • 4.5W LED Ring Light for VIDZ 650

    64 LED Ring Light, Variable Intensity by Section

    144 LED Ring Light, Variable Intensity by Section

    Coaxial Light Adapter For VIDZ 650

    3W Coaxial LED Spotlight For VIDZ 650

    Single Fiber Optic Light Guide for VIDZ 650

    OMFOB NEW 150W Fiber Optic Light Source - 150
    Brand Omano  OmanoOmanoOmanoOmano
    Warranty  1 Year
    Compatible With VIDZ 650  VIDZ 650VIDZ 650  
    Light Specs
    Illumination Type LEDLEDLEDFiberopticLED Fiberoptic
    Ring Light Type  LEDLED   Fiberoptic
    Ring Light Specification  90-265V Auto switching90-265V Auto switching    
    Ring Light Control  VariableVariable   Variable
    Bulb Accessory
    Bulb Voltage  21V
    Bulb Wattage  150W

  • VIDZ-650 0.5x C-Mount Adapter

    VIDZ-650 0.3x C-Mount Adapter
    Brand OmanoOmano
    SKU OM-VIDZ-650-CM05OM-VIDZ-650-CM03
    Product Display
    New YesYes
    Compatible With VIDZ 650 Zoom LensVIDZ 650 Zoom Lens
    Light Specs
    Illumination Type NoneNone
Magnification Chart



Standard Configuration


Auxiliary Barlow Lens





Working distance 86mm

Working distance 270mm

Working distance 156mm

Working distance 50mm

Working distance 39mm


Field of view


Field of view


Field of view


Field of view

Magnification FIeld of view


6X - 50X

7 ~ 0.8

1.8X - 15X

23 ~ 2.8

3X - 25X

14 ~ 1.7

9X - 75X

5 ~ .6

12X - 100X  4 ~ .4


1.8X - 15X

24 ~ 3

0.5X - 4.5X

84 ~ 9.3

0.9X - 7.5X

47 ~ 5.6

2.7X - 22.5X

15 ~ 1.8

 3.6X - 30X  11 ~ 1.8


2.4X - 20X

17 ~ 1.9 0.7X - 6X 60 ~ 7 1.2X - 10X 35 ~ 4.2 3.6X - 30X 11 ~ 1.4 4.8X - 40X 8.8 ~ 1.1


3X - 25X

14 ~ 1.7

0.9X - 7.5X

47 ~ 5.6

1.5X - 12.5X

 28 ~ 3  4.5X - 37.5X

9 ~1.1

6X - 50X 7 - .8


 4.5X - 37.5X 9 ~ 1.1  1.4X - 13.3X 29 ~ 3.6 2.2X - 18.7X  19 ~ 2.2  6.7X - 56.2X 6.1 ~ .7  9X - 75X 5 ~ .5