Microscope Cameras

The most flexible way to create a digital microscope is to add a digital microscope camera to a standard microscope. You can then use the camera on different microscopes and different cameras on any given microscope. Moreover, since microscope camera technology is improving so rapidly, it is easy to replace a camera as new ones arrive on the market.

We offer five brands of microscope camera, all of which have included software, are easy-to-use, affordable and professionally selected for excellent color resolution. They include: our house brand OptixCam,which we recommend for general use in schools and home, industrial inspection and other general use applications in healthcare and research, Dino-Eye (Dino-Lite cameras), which are designed for industrial inspection,Motic for more advanced applications,  and two the research grade brands, Lumenera and Jenoptik ProgRes.

These camera brands are designed for use across our customer base including Entry Level and General Purpose users (with CMOS sensors) through more Advanced Professionals (with either CMOS or CCD sensors). Applications include standard image capture and documentation for school, home and industrial inspection to more advanced low light fluorescence imaging and material science applications.

They include USB digital microscope cameras as well as for TV/AVI output for direct output to TV or monitor. Robust Image capture, documentation and measuring software is typically included as standard as is live imaging video capability.

USB 3.0 is now standard on most new laptops and computers for faster output speeds and improved resolution. Check out our new USB 3.0 microscope cameras here.

  1. Omano

    TMS-HDMI-1 1080P 3.0 MP PC-Only 30 FPS Digital Microscope Camera

    • High definition 1080P HDMI or 3.0 MP USB output (Windows only)
    • Streaming 1080P HDMI output direct to monitor or TV
    • USB Image capture resolution of 3.0 MP
    • HDMI video capture resolution of 1280 x 720P @ 30 fps
    • Auto white balance for color accuracy

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  2. OptixCam

    CX3 1080p LVDS Microscope Camera with 11.6-Inch Display

    • Expansive 11.6-inch TFT-LCD color display
    • 1080p LVDS & SD card output (card not included)
    • Fast Frame Rate of 60 FPS @ 1280 x 800 resolution
    • Sharp CMOS sensor with 2.0MP image capture
    • Remote with control functions

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