Omano OM118-B4L 40X-1000X LED Compound Student Microscope with 1.3MP Digital Camera

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  • The Perfect Digital Microscope Gift Package
  • 1.3 MP with excellent color resolution
  • Windows-only Software
  • Stills & Live Image video
  • Integrated 23mm ocular tube adapter
  • 40X, 100X, 400X & 1000X magnification
  • Coaxial coarse/fine focus for ease of use
  • Professional Abbe 1.25 NA condenser
  • Bright, Long-life LED illumination
  • Recommended for Grades 4-12

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OM118-B4L Compound LED Microscope   $239.00
Summit KK2-1.3 1.3MP Windows-Only Color Digital Camera   $59.00
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Microscope: OM118-B4L Compound LED Microscope

Microscope Camera: Summit KK2-1.3 1.3MP Windows-Only Color Digital Camera

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  • OM118-b4 Compound Microscope with 1.3MP Digital Camera
  • OM118-b4 Compound Microscope with 1.3MP Digital Camera Package CAMERA
  • OM118-b4 Compound Microscope with 1.3MP Digital Camera Package CAMERA BACK
  • OM118-b4 Compound Microscope with 1.3MP Digital Camera 4
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  • OM118-b4 Compound Microscope with 1.3MP Digital Camera 7


This special offer combines our popular Omano OM118-B4L binocular microscope and our easy-to-use Optixcam Summit Series KK2 1.3MP digital camera, into an affordable and versatile digital microscopy lab, ideal for the home school or classroom setting. The OM118-B4L is a binocular compound microscope with four objective lenses and a mechanical slide holder for convenient slide handling on the microscope stage. The microscope comes with a 5-year Omano Lifetime limited warranty.


The Omano OM118-B4L includes a binocular microscope head inclined at an ergonomic 45 degrees. The head rotates through 360 degrees for flexible viewing positions. There are two Wide Field WF10x eyepieces that combine with four parcentered, parfocal achromatic objectives lenses, (4x, 40x spring, 100x spring oil immersion) for magnification levels of 40x, 100x, 400x and 1,000x.

Stage & Focus

The microscope includes a plain stage with mechanical slide holder that enables easy slide movements on the stage. Focusing includes rack and pinion design for durability and coaxial coarse and fine focus controls. We recommend coaxial coarse/fine focus controls since they enable 'eyes down' focusing. In other words, the viewer does not constantly need to look up in order to find the other focus control.

This benefit is important in enhancing a student's experience and therefore in encouraging a more sustained interest in the microscope. Safety features include a rack stop to ensure that the stage does not impact with the objectives and thereby break the slides and a slip clutch control to mitigate the risk of damaging the focus controls through over extension.


The condenser is Abbe 1.25 N. A with iris diaphragm for optimal adjustments. Transmitted LED illumination includes variable intensity.

Camera Summary

The new OptixCam Summit K2 Series KK2-1.3MP digital microscope camera is a terrific way to turn any microscope into a fun and exciting learning tool for kids of all ages. Designed for students and young explorers, this sturdy and affordable little camera will out-perform any other camera in its price range. When used in place of a standard microscope eyepiece, students can now capture vivid images of that sea shell from vacation, the backyard butterfly, a drop of pond water, or Grandpa's coin collection.

It works well with Windows operating systems and the software installs quickly so kids can start capturing images and video. The camera includes a 23.2mm smooth bore ocular mount for mounting on the eyetube or trinocular port of most modern microscopes. We highly recommend this camera for the hobbyist, coin-collector, home-school educator and all general microscopy use.


The included K2View software for Windows provides for excellent color rendering and fast image processing especially when capturing multiple images. Simple, intuitive and easy-to-use controls offer image capture, notation, geometric measuring and storage in JPG, BMP, TIFF, RAW format. The software also includes auto white balance, color enhancement, anti-flicker and other image-enhancing benefits. This software is not MAC-compatible.

Microscope Accessories

Includes eyecups, dust cover, manual, spare fuse, immersion oil.

Camera Accessories

1.3MP Digital Camera with integrated 23mm adapter, CD-ROM Software disc, USB 2.0 cable.


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  • OM118-B4L Compound LED Microscope
    SKU OM118-B4L
    Warranty 5 Year Warranty
    Notes We introduced this microscope as a cheaper alternative to our ever-popular Omano OM36 binocular compound microscope. It is not as solidly built as the OM36 but does offer a microscopy soltuion to those on a more limited budget. See the OM-118-b4S for a fuller featured version of this microscope.
    System Type Brightfield
    Optical Design DIN 160mm
    Head Type Binocular
    Ocular Angle 45°
    Interpupillary Adjustment Linear Sliding
    Interpupillary Adjustment Range 55-75 mm
    Ocular Tube Diameter 23 mm
    Nosepiece Orientation Front-facing
    Nosepiece Style Quadruple (4)
    Focus Controls Coarse & Fine, Coaxial
    Focus Mechanism Rack & Pinion
    Focus Control Location Dual Ambidextrous
    Stage Type Fixed with Attached Mechanical Slide Holder
    Stage Features Slide Holder (spring-loaded)
    Includes Eyepieces? Yes
    Included Eyepiece Quantity 2
    Included Eyepieces (X) 10X
    Eyepiece Style WF Widefield (FN 18mm)
    Min Standard Mag 40X
    Max Standard Mag 1000X
    Included Objectives (Qty) 4
    Objective Lens Achromatic
    Included Objective Types Brightfield
    Condenser Type Abbe Brightfield
    Condenser Features Iris Diaphragm, Rack & Pinion Focus, Swing-out Filter Holder
    Condenser N.A. 1.25 mm
    Illumination Type LED
    Illumination Style Transmitted
    Collector Type Simple
    Transmitted Light Type Halogen
    Transmitted Light Specification 6V 20W
    Transmitted Light Control Variable
    Power Supply 110V Only
    Included Extras Dust Cover, Spare Bulb, Spare Fuse

  • Summit KK2-1.3 1.3MP Windows-Only Color Digital Camera
    SKU OCS-KK2-1.3
    Warranty 1 Year
    Product Weight 2.0000
    Product Display
    New Yes
    Sensor Type CMOS
    Sensor Size 1/3 Inch
    Color/Monochrome Color
    Pixel Pitch 3.6 µm x 3.6 µm
    Sensor Color Depth 8bpp / 24bit RGB
    Scan Mode Progressive
    Shutter Electronic, Rolling Shutter
    Camera Mount Ocular Mount
    Resolution 1.3 Megapixel, 1280x1024 pixels
    Camera Output Resolutions 1280 X 1024; 640 X 512; 320 X 256
    FPS @ Max Res 7.5fps @ 1280 x 1024
    FPS @ Min Res 12.5fps @ 800 x 600
    Camera Interface USB 2.0
    White Balance Automatic, Manual
    Software Included OptixCam K2View
    Driver API Compatibility DirectX, TWAIN
    Power Source USB Powered
    File Formats JPEG
    Exposure Control Automatic, Manual
    Exposure Time 2000ms-0.14Ms
    Operating Temperatures 10°C ~ 50°C
    Operating Humidity 30% ~ 80% RH
    Storage Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
    Other Details
    Included Accessories 0.5X 23mm Ocular adapter, Software CD
    Supported Operating Systems Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3, Mac OSX 10.7+, Linux (kernel 2.6.26+)
    System Requirements 2GB RAM Recommended, 2Ghz+ CPU Recommended, At least P4-class CPU, Intel Mac Required for OSX Support, USB 2.0 High Speed Port
    Certifications CE, UL
    Cable Length 1.8m (8ft)
    Camera Warranty 1 Year
    Software Support 6 Months
    Imaging Compatibility (with adapters) 23mm

  • Pack 1: Book & 5 Prepared Slides

    Pack 2: Book, Starter Slide & Stain Kit & 5 Prepared Slides

    Microbiology Kit with Starter Slide Kit & Book
    Product Weight 1.00001.00001.0000
    Product Display
    New  Yes
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