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Omano JW11 Stereo Boom Stand with 76mm Focus Block

List Price: $381.00

Our Price: $219.00

$ 219.00

SKU: JW11-76

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  • Machine-quality stainless steel posts
  • Wide base plate for stability
  • Included hardware and 76mm focus block
  • Heavy-duty solid-metal castings for durability
  • Industrial enamel finish

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  • Omano JW11 Stereo Boom Microscope Stand
  • Omano JW11 Stereo Boom Microscope Stand focus block
  • Omano JW11 Stereo Boom Microscope Stand transition piece

The Omano JW11 microscope base is a popular workhorse capable of covering 23 inches of horizontal reach and 10 inches of vertical movement through 360 degrees of sweep around the vertical post. The integrated 76mm focus block will pivot to just the right angle for optimum viewing, then lock securely in place. Designed for Omano OM2300S and OM99 stereo microscope heads.

It is a simple, solid and cost effective boom stand that is consistently popular with our electronics inspection customers who require an affordable base able to withstand the rigors of multiple users on a factory inspection line or product testing lab.

Stand assembly video:

Omano Stereo Boom Stand Comparison

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JW11 Stereo Boom Stand with 76mm Focus Block
Brand Omano
SKU JW11-76
Short Description
  • Machine-quality stainless steel posts
  • Wide base plate for stability
  • Included hardware and 76mm focus block
  • Heavy-duty solid-metal castings for durability
  • Industrial enamel finish
Feed - Title Omano JW11 Stereo Boom Stand with 76mm Focus Block
Feed - Description This offering combines our workhorse OM2300S stereo microscope with the versatile CX3 LVDS camera. The new Optixcam CX-3 is another innovative tool for the digital microscopy world, with an expansive, 11.6-inch display to turn any standard trinocular microscope into a digital teaching platform or inspection station. Users will benefit from the latest advancements in Thin-Film-Technology (TFT) which presents vivid color images in 1.0MP display or 2.0MP capture resolution while offering exceptional off-angle viewing capability. This makes it an ideal tool for inspection duties, group instruction or teaching roles in the biology or clinical laboratory classroom.An upgrade to the old CX-3 microscope camera, the new CX-3-116 sports a larger 11.6" monitor with improved connections and use interface. It is better quality than the old HDMI 1080 in every respect with double the functional resolution, an expansive, 11.6"-inch display and an improved on screen menu system, all at the same price. The TFT-LCD display offers vivid resolution and exceptional off-angle viewing capability and with a standard C-mount, the new camera attaches to any standard trinocular microscope fitted with a C-mount adapter. FeaturesThe CX3 display finally brings a useful sized monitor to the world of industrial inspection, laboratories and schools. At 11.6", the display is a pleasure to use with good on screen controls and a remote control. A standard SD card slot allows you to conveniently transfer image files via SD card for later analysis and file-sharing on your PC. A particularly useful feature is a cross-hair generator that enables up to eight on-screen, cross-hairs in five different color options. Other features include auto white balance, RGB adjustment, auto and manual white balance and auto exposure.LVDS technology offers a number of key benefits to digital microscopy, including richer color definition, better signal integrity, greater bandwidth capacity, encryption protocols and high-definition video. The CX-3 showcases this technology in an affordable and versatile package for the biology classroom, industrial inspection line or clinical teaching laboratory.Camera AccessoriesAC Power adapter, Remote Control Keypad, Remote Image Capture Controller.Dimensions: Display - 11.0" x 7.0" x 0.5"; Camera - 2.0" x 2.0"; Wt. 3.0lbs.Microscope The OM2300ST zoom stereo trinocular microscope head has become our de facto, 'Go To' head for our industrial inspection customers. It has a solid design with crisp, clean optics beyond our expectations at this price level. The 7X-45X zoom range (6.4:1) is parfocal with dual diopters integrated into the oculars. Interpupillay adjustment range is 55mm-75mm. Standard working distance is 4.5" which increases to 6.5" with the addition of 0.5x auxiliary Barlow lens. Three alternative Barlows are available: 0.75x, 1.5x and 2.0x. WF10X eyepieces and eyeguards are included. NOTE: When the beam-splitter lever is engaged in the OM2300S-Trincular, 80% of the light from the left optical path is directed to the camera port. The image can still be viewed through both eyepieces while the camera is in use.Focus & IlluminationFocus controls are both left and right hand side for convenience. An 80 LED ring light is included and may be upgraded to other lights when adding to cart.StandThe Omano JW11 boom stand has been a workhorse and well-proven Omano stand for over ten years. Strong and affordable, it is a single arm stand with an included 84mm focus block. The horizontal arm extension is 20" including the microscope head. The pole is 17" tall with an effective useable height of 12". The stand weighs 32lbs.Microscope AccessoriesRing light, focus block, dust cover, manual, eyeguards
Feed - Custom Label 1 100-500
Stand Class Boom
Stand Type Single Arm Boom
Base Width 254 mm
Base Depth 254 mm
Post Height 380 mm
Post Diameter 38 mm
View Center to Post Distance 527 mm
Physical Construction Metal Tube
Coating Type (Stand) Durable Powdercoat
If HB Required
Hanging Bar Style Articulable
If FB Integrated
Focus Controls Coarse
Focus Mechanism Rack & Pinion
Head Ring Mount Diameter 76 mm